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Does Your Educational Institution Want To Assess Your Students' Readiness To Enter The Workforce?

The Virtual Workforce Assessment Network is a state-of-the-art assessment and vocational guidance tool for educational institutions of all sizes. Our system provides a comprehensive profile of your students' work-related abilities, skills, values, personality, and interests as well as the extent to which students match occupations. In addition, vocational guidance in the form of a custom-tailored report is provided to students that includes recommendations for pursuing appropriate occupations. Finally, educational institutions may conduct program evaluation using our battery of assessments.

Built on the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), the most comprehensive system of occupational information in the United States,1 the Virtual Workforce Assessment Network (VWAN) uses state-of-the-art methods from the fields of industrial-organizational psychology and counseling psychology to match students to occupations based on the similarity between individual and occupation-relevant attributes, including interests, values, and personality.

Moreover, the VWAN can help your educational institution provide vocational guidance to students or streamline and bolster existing vocational counseling that is currently provided.


1Peterson, N. G., Mumford, M. D., Borman, W. C., Jeanneret, P. R., Fleishman, E. A., & Levin, K. Y. (2001). Understanding work using the Occupational Information Network (O*NET): Implications for practice and research. Personnel Psychology, 54, 451-492.



Placement For Students

Students who use our system and are ready to enter the workforce may choose to be contacted by organizations. When students are identified as being well-matched to a position an organization is seeking to fill, they will be identified as potential applicants by our system, and organizations may invite them to formally apply for a position. Prior to accepting an invitation to apply for a position, all candidates remain anonymous.

Once an offer to apply for a position is accepted, organizations can then select among our available aptitude batteries that are tailored to the specific requirements of the job to administer to job applicants. Please see the general VWAN Process Overview page for more information on the process for job seekers and organizations.

Accordingly, our system can help educational institutions connect students with employers to facilitate placement into jobs for which they are well-matched upon completion of their educational program.

Why Should I Join The VWAN?

Research on career education interventions has demonstrated positive effects between initiatives to target the development of work-related abilities, attitudes, knowledge, and skills, and academic achievement,2 as well as a number of other outcomes3 such as awareness of career development.

We administer a comprehensive battery of assessments to each student to assess the compatibility between individuals and over 800 occupations. Subsequently, when students are provided with feedback that informs them of careers to which they are optimally suited, improved fit between individuals and organizations is likely to occur thereby increasing the likelihood of attaining valued positive individual (job and career satisfaction) and organizational outcomes (retention and job performance). Organizational research also demonstrates that there are positive outcomes associated with optimizing individuals' fit at work, including higher levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, retention, and performance.4

The VWAN offers the following services to educational institutions and students:

  • A comprehensive profile of students' work-related abilities, skills, values, personality, and interests to describe your student body and assess students' preparedness to enter the workforce.
  • The ability to provide vocational guidance to students, or to streamline and bolster an existing vocational guidance program.
    • Vocational guidance on pursuing an appropriate career based upon a fit among students' preferences and abilities, and the ability and skill requirements of occupations.
  • Access to our Database Position Linkage system, which allows students to conduct searches to explore the extent to which they are appropriately suited to various occupations. The Database Position Linkage System generates a list of potential occupations to which a student is well-matched on occupationally-relevant attributes.
  • The capability to conduct a program evaluation using our comprehensive battery of assessments.


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Several different levels of service are available. A basic subscription to the VWAN allows educational institutions to pay a one-time fee for the administration of a battery to an unlimited number of students. A monthly subscription plan is available that allows organizations to conduct unlimited searches. Finally, an annual subscription plan is available which includes unlimited searches for a period of a year. Please visit our current pricing page for educational institutions for a listing of our current fees.