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How Our Service Works

Model Description

Arrow 1: Once job seekers complete a number of assessments, their information is entered into our Database Position Linkage System for: (a) use in vocational guidance, and (b) to allow organizations to search for well-matched candidates and invite them to apply for a vacant position.

Arrow 2: Based upon the vocational assessments that are completed, job seekers are provided developmental feedback.

Developmental feedback consists of an assessment of: (1) the gap between requirements of the desired position and abilities one possesses, and (2) additional recommendations on occupations to which the job seeker is well matched.

Arrow 3: depicts the process that organizations can initiate to search the database to gather descriptive information on the workforce.

Arrow 4: shows that an organization/employer can obtain a list of job seekers who are both interested in their positions and are well matched in terms of capabilities and values.

Once potential job applicants are identified, organizations then invite candidates to complete a custom-tailored assessment that selects employees who possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for a specific job.