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Are you looking for a new job or career? Do you want to find applicants tailored to your position opening? Do you want to improve or broaden your career counseling services? If so, V-WAN can help you achieve your goals. Click the links below for more information:

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an online system that matches job seekers and college students to occupations for which they are well-suited, and to help them achieve their career goals. Employers can also use VWAN to find well-suited job candidates. For more information, please visit our research website here

Who We Are

We are a research team from the Psychology Department at Colorado State University, led by Drs. Kurt Kraiger and Bryan Dik. For more information, please visit here

How We Are Different

Although many advising systems utilize proven assessment tools, very few offer evidence for the effectiveness of their system as a whole. Those that do are fee-based, limiting their availability. Our VWAN system is free to students and job seekers, and we are now gathering evidence to support its overall effectiveness. For more information, please visit here

Services for Job Seekers

Job seekers, you can use V-WAN to obtain:
  • A comprehensive profile of your interests, values, and personality.
  • A report of recommended occupations, based on your profile.
  • Career planning advice that addresses your current needs.
  • A recommended study plan for your current educational level and desired career.

Services for Employers*

Employers, you can use V-WAN to obtain:
  • A database of applicants scientifically matched to your job requirements, searchable by applicant location, skills, interests, values, and personality.
  • A streamlined process for contacting potential applicants
  • Access to customized, job-based screening tools for final selection.

Services for Educational Institutions

College staff can enhance their academic advising, career counseling, and job placement services by utilizing V-WAN to:
  • Help students identify careers that suit their interests, values, and work styles;
  • Channel students towards training programs and majors that fit their occupational choice;
  • Summarize your student body�s professional interests and abilities and track trends over time.

Services for Students

Students can utilize our Person-Occupation Matching System to explore whether they are suited for various occupations. The Person-Occupation Matching System generates a list of potential occupations to which a student is well- matched on occupationally-relevant attributes.*

* This services is currently under development.