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The Virtual Workforce Assessment Network (VWAN) offers educational institutions such as yours access to tools that will help you make informed decisions about future careers. After you take our assessments, the VWAN will match you with a career based on your interests, values, and personality. Further, we provide vocational guidance on pursuing an appropriate career based upon how well your abilities and skills match the ability and skill requirements of occupations. Where a gap may exist between your level of preparation and that required by the job, recommendations for further development are provided. After creating a profile of your personal attributes, you can also allow organizations to search for you based on these attributes.

Our Virtual Workforce Assessment Network can also assist your educational insitution with providing you vocational guidance. In addition, the VWAN can help your school evaluate the success of programs that are implemented, both of which may enhance your educational experience.

Placement For Students

Students who are ready to enter the workforce may elect to make their profile public and therefore allow themselves to be contacted by organizations. Our state-of-the-art Database Position Linkage System allows organizations to search for potential job applicants that are well-matched for a position vacancy that they desire to fill.

How does it work? Our system compares a profile of each job seekers' personality, interests, values, and skills, to the job requirements and preferences for a specific position. When organizations search for potential applicants, they will receive a list of people whose personal attributes match a job. Once this is done, organizations may invite potential applicants to formally apply for a position. Prior to accepting an invitation to apply for a position, all candidates remain anonymous in our system.

testOur system is built upon the Occupation Information Network (O*NET), which is the most extensively researched and comprehensive system of information on jobs in the United States.1

Once an offer to apply for a position is accepted, organizations can select among our available aptitude batteries that are tailored to the specific requirements of the job to administer to job applicants.

Please see the general VWAN Process Overview page for more information on the process for job seekers and organizations. Keep in mind that prior to accepting an invitation to apply for a position, all candidates remain anonymous in our system.

Accordingly, our system can help educational institutions connect students with employers to facilitate placement into jobs for which they are well-matched upon completion of their educational program.


1Peterson, N. G., Mumford, M. D., Borman, W. C., Jeanneret, P. R., Fleishman, E. A., & Levin, K. Y. (2001). Understanding work using the Occupational Information Network (O*NET): Implications for practice and research. Personnel Psychology, 54, 451-492.


How Can The VWAN Benefit Me?

Research on interventions targeted to develop career education has demonstrated positive effects between initiatives to target the development of work-related abilities, attitudes, knowledge, and skills, and academic achievement,2 as well as a number of other outcomes3 such as awareness of career development.

Further, the VWAN will increase your likelihood of being placed into a job to which you are well-matched.

One you finish our comprehensive battery of assessments, you will be provided with feedback that informs you of careers to which you are optimally suited. Therefore, you are more likely to be well-matched with both a career and even an organization, which increases the likelihood of attaining valued positive individual (job and career satisfaction) and organizational outcomes (retention and job performance). Organizational research also demonstrates that there are positive outcomes associated with optimizing individuals' fit at work, including higher levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, retention, and performance.4

The VWAN offers the following services:

  • A comprehensive profile of work-related abilities, skills, values, personality, and interests to describe and assess students' preparedness to enter the workforce.
  • The ability to provide vocational guidance to students, or to streamline and bolster an existing vocational guidance program.
    • Vocational guidance on pursuing an appropriate career based upon a fit among students' preferences and abilities, and the ability and skill requirements of occupations.
  • Access to our Database Position Linkage system, which allows students to conduct searches to explore the extent to which they are appropriately suited to various occupations. The Database Position Linkage System generates a list of potential occupations to which a student is well-matched on occupationally-relevant attributes.


2Baker, S. B., & Taylor, J. G. (1998). Effects of career education interventions: A meta-analysis. The Career Development Quarterly, 46, 376-385.

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There is no direct cost to current students. As long as your school is participating in the Virtual Workforce Assessment Network, you are automatically eligible to join register for a user account.